Images by Kurtz Orpia Photography

Hi! I'm Jennifer,  a down-to-earth daydreamer, DIY-aholic and the owner and head stylist of Tufts & Toile.  My journey into the professional world began as a photographer & stylist.  I had worked with home decor and furniture related sets for just shy of a decade.  I understand and love putting rooms together, big and small.  Decorating is my jam, and vintage decor is my peanut butter.  When I'm not chasing around my adorable, but wild toddler or my two Schnauzer fur babies, you can find me getting lost in Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds or looking for that next great vintage find to add to our collection.  I believe that beautiful inspiration is around every corner and there is nothing quite like bringing an idea to life.

I've been married to my amazing hubby for just over three years now, he's the muscle behind the scenes and joins me at almost every event set up.  My wedding obsession began with our wedding, but I have to admit  I was that bride that made the mistake of not hiring a professional decorator, and boy did I regret it.  I had put so much time into planning every little decor detail, but at the time I had no idea about the logistics that would be involved in the actual set up.  Not long after my wedding day it dawned on me that I'm supposed to help future brides from making that same mistake.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, we should chat. 

I know how important your wedding day is, down to the smallest of details, and I would treat it as if it were my own, but actually better because I now have the experience to handle it!  Whether you're the bride that has a ton of pins, knows the look you're after, but you're having trouble slimming down the ideas to something that works; or you know what you like but aren't sure how to translate that into your wedding decor, I'd be so happy to sit down and chat with you over lattes to see how I can help with this utmost important day!

Just interested in rentals? No problem. We have hundreds of unique pieces in our collection, and you can browse through  hundreds of helpful photos here.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.  Most of our collection is online, but not all, and I'm always on the hunt for new pieces, so I could help you find that must have piece.  We also offer custom pieces, so that backdrop you've been dreaming about could be something that we could build just for your wedding.  Not planning a wedding? I'm still all ears. I love when the opportunity arises to work on the other important events of our lives as well.

Contact me to find out more about our decorating services, and to get a copy of our current rental pricing list.  I would love to hear from you!