Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I'm a down to earth daydreamer, DIY-aholic and the founder and lead designer of Tufts & Toile, Vintage Rentals and Design.  I'm a wife to a wonderful husband of five years and a mama to a 3 year old boy and two schnauzers, one mini and one giant.  Living with two boys and two dogs makes life a little loud, crazy and dirty at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love spending mornings at home with my son, sipping tea and playing with trains, going on nature walks and bike rides.  If I ever have any weekend downtime, you'd likely find me knee deep in fine china and furnishings at a local antique market, or with a paint brush or wax cloth in hand refinishing an old piece of furniture.  My clients may not notice this when they meet me, but I'm a real social introvert, to the core!  I love my close friends and family to no end, but small talk exhausts me and big crowds make me cranky (unless I've had a few glasses of pinot grigio haha).  I love my one on one quality time with the people I care for most.  However, when it comes to wedding talk, I'm always all ears.  It's as if an alter-ego takes me hostage and I turn into this chatty, giddy girl with a perma-smile on my face.

I can actually pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with weddings, and it was through the planning of my own back in the spring of 2013.  At the time I knew next to nothing when I was approaching the planning process, but I had determination and an eye for design, thanks to working in the home decor industry as a photographer for the six previous years.  I spent most of my planning journey obsessing over images on Pinterest and scrolling endlessly through Etsy shops.  Looking back, I know I wasted a lot of time because I didn't know about all of the helpful accessible wedding resources out there, and very little knowledge about the talented local vendors in the industry.  As a result we didn't hire some of the right vendors to do the job (some of our vendors were amazing and total pros!). There was stress and the unknown on the day of, and more than a few things went wrong.  But in the end I had designed a beautiful day, aesthetically.  Our wedding photos were picked up by blogs I adored like Style Me Pretty and Vineyard Bride.  I was onto something, discovering a love I never knew existed before, and I wanted more.

(If you'd like to see our wedding feature on Style Me Pretty, click here!)

The following summer Tufts & Toile was born, thanks to the support and encouragement from my incredible husband, Andrew.  He has always had endless faith in me and it was his convincing that helped me to decide to reach for something I was truly passionate about.  As much as the negative occurrences from our wedding day were disappointing at the time, I know that it was those errors that also helped to nudge me into the right direction.  I knew I had a lot to learn if I was going to do this right.  My photography jobs were wearing me thin, and I was beyond ready mentally to shake things up.  I was able to leave my final photography job later that year, allowing myself to put everything I had into this new small business.  I dove into the world of weddings and absorbed as much info as I could about the back end of the business by shadowing and examining other professionals in the industry.  Andrew became my muscle for deliveries and set ups, and now he's my right hand man on event days, and a lighting and draping hanger extraordinaire.  Together, we found balance and I'm so fortunate to have him by my side on this journey. 

Now we're entering our fifth season and we are so proud to work with such a diverse selection of clientele from all over the continent.  From newly engaged couples to those celebrating life's birthday milestones, to non-profit organizations and editorial planners - we are always thrilled to contribute our unique style and collection to help tell each individual story that is told through event design!